For cyber natives_

Be outlaws of this centralized cyberspace_

Reclaim Your Cloud

Single Cable PC_

Upgrade your computing experience today with the ZimaBlade X86 Single Cable PC - the ultimate solution for seamless performance and unrivaled convenience.

Quad Core


Up to 16GB DDR3L


Single Cable PC

Cyber Security Firewall_

Experience the next level of digital security with ZimaBlade X86 Cybersecurity Firewall - your shield against cyber threats.

Gigabit Ethernet



Low power

Cyber Security Firewall

Wireless Travel Router_

Experience the next level of digital security with ZimaBlade X86 Cybersecurity Firewall - your shield against cyber threats.



USB 3.0


Wireless Travel Router

Personal Cloud Storage_

Empower your data management with ZimaBlade X86 Personal NAS Cloud Storage - your personal cloud solution for effortless file storage and sharing.

4K/60Hz Video




Personal Cloud Storage

Light Homelab Server_

Unlock the full potential of your homelab with ZimaBlade X86 Lightweight Homelab Server Node - your ideal solution for scalability and efficiency.

Card Size


PCIe 2.0 x4


Light Homelab Server

Auto GPT Server_

ZimaBlade offers cutting-edge AI language capabilities with GPT technology, providing seamless integration for automated content generation.

Auto-GPT Server


AI Capabilities


Auto GPT Server

Cloud Computing for Rebels_

More Than an

ZimaBoard is a low-cost single board server designed for makers and geeks like you. It has both the expandability of an x86 SBC and the appropriate power of a microserver.

Your Data,
Your Cloud_

Build your personal cloud and easily expand to over 36TB disk space as your data grows. No more subscription fee, get 100% control over your private data, 24 hours online.

Customized Traffic_

Run OpenWRT and pfSense on ZimaBoard, expand various plug-ins, setup your VPN, hide your digital footprint, ban the ads, and protect your sensitive data from breaches.

Full Speed,
Full Experience_

ZimaBoard is equipped with 2x GbE LAN Ports and 1 MiniDP that offers up to 4K/60Hz video at 100MB/sec speed. Enjoy cinema-level, real-time AV streaming experience at home.

Tinker Friendly_

ZimaBoard packs an onboard PCIe x4 interface with dozens of available accessories. Extend your setup with 2.5Gbe, NVMe NGFF SSD, WiFi dongle, XMOS/DAC module, and more!


ZimaBoard is open source and always will be. We take this transparent approach in all we do both as a company and as a community. Want to jump in and look at our code? Do it.

Developed in the Crowd_

For makers, by makers-listen to the makers and customers.

Great solution for any DIYer project-whoobee

Great solution for any DIYer project-whoobee

I purchase this board to use it in my MagicMirror project, and it is perfect, I needed an x86 SBC in order to use MagicMirror with Ultraleap for no touch controls, because no-one wants to have fingerprint smudges on their mirror.The ZimaBoard works perfect in my project, I also experimented a bit with TrueNas where this board I would say is at home.....

Endless possibilities-Jon

Endless possibilities-Jon

When I got this I was blown away from the initial packaging to just the size and feel of it! It's got multiple ports shown in my pictures, but what really sets it apart is the PCIe slot. It's an open ended 4x slot thats a 2.0 slot. This is unique and greatly opens up the possibilities of what you can connect to it right out of the box! From wireless to graphics cards to hard drives.....

Powerful Hardware for Self NAS Setting - Daniel Harris

Powerful Hardware for Self NAS Setting - Daniel Harris

I'm actually quite fond of the ZimaBlade itself. It gives you a lot of powerful hardware and server-friendly expansion at a hobbyist-friendly price.

Best NAS Service for me to hassle Home Networking - Jerry Swift

Best NAS Service for me to hassle Home Networking - Jerry Swift

If you want your own NAS / DNS / home networking lab but don’t want the hassle of delivering into config files and Linux then ZimaBlade is a great way to get results, fast. If you work within the limitations of CasaOS and enjoy the one-click installers then you will have everything you need to serve your content / files across a network.

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NAS Compares
ZimaBlade 1ZimaBlade 2ZimaBlade 3
Pre-installed OS
Compatible OS
Linux / Windows / OpenWrt / pfSense / Android / LibreELEC
ZimaBlade 3760
ZimaBlade 7700
Intel® Celeron Processor [Apollo Lake]
N3350 Dual Cores 1.1GHz base frequency 2.4 GHz Burst 2MB L2 cache
N3450 / J3455 / E3950 Quad Cores 1.1GHz / 1.5GHz / 1.6GHz base frequency 2.2 GHz / 2.3GHz / 2.0GHz Burst 2MB L2 cache
Intel® HD Graphics 500
Intel® HD Graphics 500 / 505
200MHz base frequency 650MHz Burst
200MHz base frequency 700MHz Burst
Compatible with 16GB DDR3L
Onboard Storage
eMMC 5.1
6W / 10W
2x SATA 6.0 Gb/s Ports
1x GbE LAN Ports
2x USB 3.0
1x PCIe 2.0 x4
1x Mini-DisplayPort 1.2 4K@60Hz
USB-C PD 3.0 (12V/3A)
Intel VT-d, VT-x
Support 1080P video
H.264(AVC), H.265(HEVC), MPEG-2, VC-1
Size & Weight
107mm(W) x 80mm(H) x 23mm(D)


What sets ZimaBlade apart ZimaBoard? Are there just differences in IO?
ZimaBlade is designed as a more compact, budget-friendly option with slightly reduced features, aiming to make home lab and personal cloud setups more accessible. ZimaBoard, however, will focus on larger size, enhanced performance, and more interface options, moving away from ZimaBlade's ultra-compact design. These differences mean ZimaBoard and ZimaBlade cater to distinct use cases within the Zima product ecosystem, reflecting community feedback and user suggestions over two years.
Will there be a dual NIC version of the ZimaBlade?
The multi-NIC product line will be positioned in the ZimaBoard and further models. ZimaBlade will focus more on credit card size, passive cooling, and stackable product form factor evolving. The current version remains in Realtek's NIC.
I'd like to build a rackmount cluster of ZimaBlades. Is this technically possible?
Through community interactions, we've identified clustering as a popular application scenario. Utilizing software like PVE and Ansible, you can swiftly set up a compact desktop-level cluster. The Zima team is also exploring a concept design for a server inspired by the HAL9000 prototype, based on the ZimaBlade.
Is the ZimaBlade system appears to meet the minimum requirements for TrueNAS. Has the system been tested running TrueNAS?
Yes, we've previously conducted basic compatibility testing and verification for TrueNAS. Additionally, here's a link to a user's installation test video with ZimaBoard for your reference: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DwHvHMTkva8
I have the ZimaBoard already any reason to get the ZimaBlade?
We invested some time to customize the optimization and make ZimaBlade support 16GB of RAM. ZimaBlade is more compact and small compared to Board, and the design of C-port also allows it to be one of your daily portable arithmetic modules, plug in a C-port display, and your personal developer starts to work. In the small x86 Cluster scenario ZimaBlade also has more room for activity, we are actively designing some open source models and sharing them in the community, if you are interested, we sincerely invite you to participate in community discussions in this kind of direction.
Can I connect a 3.5" HDD to each of the two SATA ports on the ZimaBlade using a SATA Y cable without issues?
Yes, the SATA Y cable is fully compatible with connecting two 3.5" HDDs to the ZimaBlade, a setup that has been confirmed for its engineering integrity and reliability over time.
How to ssh ZimaBlade's default OS?
To SSH into CasaOS: 1. Get IP: Check your router to find the CasaOS device IP. 2. SSH Command: Type ssh casaos@IP_ADDRESS in your terminal. 3. Credentials: Use "casaos" for both username and password. Quick and secure, you're now connected to CasaOS.
Does ZimaBlade support Wake on LAN?
ZimaBlade features Wake on LAN (WoL), enabling remote power-on and wake-up from sleep or off states for convenient network access. This feature can be enabled or disabled through BIOS settings.
Is further technical support available for ZimaBlade users?
Join our growing community of over ten thousand personal server enthusiasts on Discord: https://discord.gg/GkuWxuTS and GitHub: https://github.com/IceWhaleTech/CasaOS. Here, members share tips on technology, hardware choices, and DIY projects. For product usage or quality concerns, contact us anytime at [email protected]. Our team is committed to providing prompt and centered support. If you're looking for more exciting DIY projects, our Docs section and Community will offer plenty of inspiration.
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