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ZimaBoard engineering prototype full load and hands-on video


We’re happy to share that we hit the $200K! This means we’ll add a FREE 12V3A Power Adapter to every ZimaBoard order. Our adapter supports multiple outlet specifications.

5v3a power adapter for ZimaBoard

In the comments section, many friends (such as @Daniel Romney @Peter Kozlowski @Geoff Smith) mentioned they hope to see the actual development progress of more engineering prototypes and the daily operations of the physical startup.

We quickly shot some footage with our mobile phones, hoping to show the performance and use of some existing engineering machines.

Power on ZimaBoard

To show everyone the boot process, when shooting, we connected the monitor. Even though DP display is not necessary for daily usage.

To start using ZimaBoard, just plug in the power, plug in the Ethernet cable, then a small local server is automatically activated.

Terminal and remote desktop

Professional developers can build your own environment. ZimaBoard hopes to have a better hands-on experience for entry-level players, so we have a pre-configured remote desktop and ssh. After powering on and plugging in the network cable, you can remotely log in to your ZimaBoard server through a laptop or desktop dev machine. Get rid of a bunch of cables from mouse, keyboard and monitor.

SMB local sharing

Samba is one of most commonly used protocols for local cross-system resource sharing, so if you plug in a hard disk to ZimaBoard, it will automatically complete local LAN disk sharing. It allows you to use a personal network disk on your mobile phone, and the entire usage is no different from the local disk. Of course, the team will further optimize this experience, open up the entire configuration process, and provide instructions for flexible configuration for beginners.

Full load temperature testing

Passive heat dissipation is an element that we are very concerned about. So heat dissipation performance will undoubtedly become our focus. We recorded some of the full load operation conditions and physical machine heat dissipation temperatures we tested earlier. The actual temperature will be around 34 degrees, which I think is a very good operating condition.

Open discussion!

In addition to further optimizing the stability and hardware specifications of the engineering prototype, we very much hope to communicate with backers about your ideal hands-on use of ZimaBoard and software functions. We have plans to integrate functions similar to Heimdall (from, which is good. We also want to provide entry-level users with a simple and easy-to-use home server experience, but this is still relatively undecided. I hope to hear your suggestions and ideas.


Lauren and ZimaBoard team