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Discover ZimaOS: The Future of Personal Cloud Solutions

A Personal Cloud OS

ZimaOS represents a pivotal step toward our vision of a secure, unified personal cloud OS integrated with ZimaCube, revolutionizing personal data management with a comprehensive hardware-software solution.

Far Beyond ZimaCube – Continuous Efforts in OS Development

As the original OS for ZimaCube, ZimaOS is continuously evolving to enhance personal cloud capabilities, exceeding the functionality of ZimaCube and adding substantial value. Our ongoing development ensures ZimaOS stays ahead of technological advancements, incorporating user feedback and industry trends to refine its features.

This dedication has led to the integration of advanced capabilities like AI-powered document assistants, GPU acceleration, and robust virtual machine support. With each update, ZimaOS becomes more powerful, flexible, and user-friendly, providing a seamless, efficient experience for managing personal cloud environments.

With the rapidly evolving age of AI, we introduced Assist, your personal document assistant. Additionally, we’ve improved system capabilities with GPU support and ZVM functionality, new Thunderbolt optimizations, a full settings panel, unified asset management, and sharing features.

ZimaOS Roadmap and Key Features

Building a personal cloud OS is akin to constructing a grand structure brick by brick. Here’s a look at our progress and future plans.

  • Remote Access: Secure, remote access capabilities for easy management from anywhere.
ZimaOS Remote Access
  • Files App: Advanced document management tools to organize and locate files effortlessly.
ZimaOS File Management
  • RAID Support (0/1/5): Robust support for RAID configurations to enhance data security and speed.
ZimaOS RAID Support
  • App Store: A diverse range of applications available for download and installation.
ZimaOS App Store
  • Assist (Chat with My Docs): Streamlined tools for managing and sharing assets within the cloud.
ZimaOS Docs Assist
  • ZVM (Virtual Machine): Run multiple virtual machines for system flexibility.
ZimaOS Virtual Machine
  • GPU Support: By integrating GPU acceleration, ZimaOS significantly boosts graphic processing performance, catering to high-demand applications and professional workflows.
ZimaCube GPU Support for ZimaOS

Features Plan

We continuously incorporate community feedback to refine and enhance ZimaOS:

ZimaOS Feature Plan

By continually advancing these features and more, ZimaOS not only serves as the backbone of ZimaCube but also sets a new standard for personal cloud operating systems, driving innovation and ensuring users have the best tools at their disposal for their digital needs.

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