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78% of orders have been delivered, please pay attention to courier tracking.

Hi! Dear backers!

We have shipped a new batch of goods the other day. So far, we have finished delivering 78% of our Kickstarter orders. Yes, we’re doing everything we can to speed up the rest orders.

A head-on blow by the epidemic lockdown, our daily routine, office work, and supply chain have been affected on different levels. Although we are facing some delay consequently, it is still within the controllable range. At present, all team members are now settled down working from home and are all doing their job in an orderly manner.

Since the last update, we’ve been communicating with many of you on the Discord server. Let me sum up the latest updates here.

  • A new batch of ZimaBoard has been shipped, please keep an eye on your email.
  • We are further improving FAQ and Troubleshooting based on your feedback.
  • CasaOS 0.3 released! Introducing CasaConnect.

A new batch of ZimaBoard has been shipped, please keep an eye on your email.

At present, our third batch of goods has been sent out by the factory and is being delivered to everyone through 4PX logistics. If you receive an email from us, it’s probably a notification mail that indicates your ZimaBoard has shipped. Given the problems encountered within previous batches, I have summed up the following to ensure that your ZimaBoard is properly received.

If you have already received an email notification from PledgeBox:

  • We hope you can keep your phone unobstructed.
  • Check your Pledgebox order status and keep an eye on your email.


  • Of the fulfilled shipping orders, we found that 2% of the orders were forcibly returned because the recipient could not be reached or it was not picked up at the local post office for too long. So be sure to keep an eye on your phone!
  • For orders that are already in the courier shipping status, our ability to help is extremely limited somehow. If you find the address is wrong, please contact us ASAP so that we do our best to assist your receiving.

Tips: You can track your package at the following URL:

Transparency in communication with all backers.

Earlier some friends on Discord want to learn about our shipping method and the scope of each shipment. We have provided instructions via Kickstarter comments and Discord updates wherever possible. However, because the information is too scattered, it is still not clear enough for you backers who are concerned about our progress. We have posted updates in Discord with details of each previous shipment and usage of our working capital. We summarized the ZimaBoard delivery and specific problems encountered in the following picture.

Due to the Kickstarter limit on image resolution, you can also click the link below to view the original high-resolution version.

Precautions for Awaiting Delivery and Change of Delivery Address

For those who didn’t receive email notifications, I’ve also brought some progress details.

As mentioned earlier, our suppliers have been affected by the COVID-19 lockdown, which has affected the production and delivery of some major materials (for more details see previous updates on Discord). At present, the situation has been improved, and materials are entering the factory for production. We expect the next batch to be shipped in May.

If you want to change the delivery address, please email us in time. If you have placed an order at and purchased other products, you can request the Shopify order to be shipped together with your Kickstarter order from KS. Please email to [email protected] (cc [email protected]) and make sure to include your Backer No. and Shopify Order#.

Orders from mainland China and Hong Kong were originally scheduled to ship from the Shanghai warehouse but were suspended due to strict lockdown. We are organizing an emergency shift of these affected orders to another warehouse and they are expected to ship in May.

If you have problems related to logistics or seek assistance, please feel free to contact [email protected], cc [email protected]

We are further improving FAQ and Troubleshooting based on your feedback.

Some users have reported that ZimaBoard will automatically shut down after running for a period, which is caused by the hibernation policy of the desktop environment in the system. If you also encounter this problem, you can try the following commands in the terminal:

    sudo systemctl mask

The team has recently been collecting product issues and improving your experience. We’re already sorting through the new issues you’ve recently posted in Discord, and we’ll wrap them up at

If you encounter problems using ZimaBoard or seek assistance, please contact [email protected], cc [email protected]

CasaOS 0.3 has released! Introducing CasaConnect.

CasaOS 0.3 Release comes with the all-new CasaConnect, designed to empower everyone to truly “connect” on the Internet.

CasaConnect brings direct peer-to-peer connectivity between each CasaOS user.

A few scenarios to explore based on CasaConnect:

  • Access shared files, photos, and media assets between your home cloud, PC/Mac, laptop, and phone;
  • Securely sync data on your home cloud anytime from the office network;
  • Share your private album, music works, and motion picture with family members and colleagues far away;
  • Create a unique group and invite liked minded people to join and share

? New:

  • Feature: CasaConnect

CasaConnect empowers everyone to truly connect, share, and explore greater imagination.

For now, you can share private files peer-to-peer with your friends through CasaConnect.

Update, open, and try!

This is a new feature, so feel free to share feedback if you have thoughts and suggestions!

  • Widget: Network Status

You can now monitor your network traffic in this widget.

✍️ Changed:

  • Updated the style of the Files sidebar
  • Added root directory to the Files sidebar

? Fix:

  • Fixed the issue that returning to the previous level in Files would be triggered incorrectly
  • Fixed the display problem of the app list in the system status widget.
  • Fixed the issue that the application did not listen to the ipv6 address correctly.

12 apps have been updated!

The 12 apps we mentioned before have been updated in the App Store! Go download and experience them now.

If you encounter problems during the use feel free to give us feedback!

A gift for those who came with smart solutions/ideas! ?

Improvement Plan on Feedback

We are optimizing the feedback methods for questions and comments for the development team to get a clearer understanding and thus sort priorities appropriately.

If you happen to be familiar with similar cases/best practices, feel free to talk to us!

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