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Final Shipping on March 15, Make Sure Your Shipping Information is UP TO DATE!

Hi! Dear friends!

We’ve posted some ZimaBoard and CasaOS updates in our Discord channel(#zimaboard-news#casaos-news) over the last weeks, and here I’m putting them together for you all!

Quick Read

  • All remaining rewards are scheduled to be shipped from March 15th.
  • Shipping information is about to be locked on March 10th. Please remember to update your shipping information beforehand. 
  • CasaOS will get updated with file manager and 12 new apps in March, stay tuned!
  • Our follow-up plan.

The First Batch of ZimaBoard 832 has been Shipped and All Remaining Rewards are Scheduled to be Delivered from March 15

Despite the impact of the epidemic is still ongoing, the manufacturing factory is gradually recovering its production capacity.

 The remaining ZimaBoards are already in mass production, and we plan to start shipping all the remaining rewards on March 15.

We have optimized and updated the BIOS, and those who have received ZimaBoard can get the BIOS update at

All Receipt Information will be Locked on March 10 to Complete Shipment Preparation. Please Make Sure Your Shipping Address and Phone Number are Correct!

In previous shipments, we found that some of our friends had incorrect or unreachable receiving information, which caused the goods to be returned.

We send out express delivery to some countries that can not be returned by the original route, so if the express delivery is not successful, it will be very likely to be destroyed. As mentioned above.

We will make the final shipment on March 15. That’s why for a reminder, please make sure to update your shipping address and phone number filled in the PledgeBox survey and make sure they are both correct before March 10.

⚠️ FAQ about PledgeBox:

Q: What if I need to change my address?

A: As long as your items have not been locked, you can always change your address. Just simply log back into and make the appropriate change. However, if you change your country, additional shipping costs may apply.

Q: What if I don’t see the email yet? (I didn’t get my survey)

A: Check your spam folder. If you use Gmail, sometimes your invite will go to your “Promotions” tab. If you still can’t find it, search your inbox for “PledgeBox” If that doesn’t work:

For Apple ID Backers:

Backers who have pledged to the campaign using their AppleID but haven’t completely set up their Apple Pay account (linking their email address to their Apple Wallet) will have issues receiving their emails from PledgeBox. Those backers have a email address and will need to reach out to us to update their email address. (contact email: [email protected])

CasaOS will get updated with file manager and 12 new apps in March. Stay tuned!

File Manager is under development

Yes, File Manager is still in development. We’ve put up with File Browser for a long time, so the development team wants to make CasaOS’ file manager an elegant and usable one. This took us a lot of effort to develop and debug.

Here’s a screenshot of the file manager in development, it’s still in development, but I think you’ll like it!

 We expect to start pre-release testing this week, so stay tuned.

Confirmed. 12 Apps scheduled for an update in March

We posted a little new app poll in Discord last week to rank the order of our app updates in the app store.

Thank you all for your active participation! Here’s the list of apps in this batch:

  • 1. Vaultwarden
  • 2. AdGuard-Home
  • 3. Grafana
  • 4. 2FAuth
  • 5. DuckDNS
  • 6. Transmission
  • 7. AllTube-Download
  • 8. Duplicati 2.0
  • 9. Emby
  • 10. Unifi-controller
  • 11. Calibre-Web
  • 12. NodeRed


It is estimated that after these apps are updated, the app submit docs will be completed. Welcome to enrich the App Store together then!

Follow Up Plan

In March, our priority was to ensure that all Kickstarter rewards ship as planned. Colleagues in the software group are also working hard to develop new features in CasaOS.

We are in the process of adding new production orders to our suppliers, and once all the rewards from the Kickstarter are completed, we will start the shipping of all Shopify orders.

Since more and more people are discovering ZimaBoard and want to use it to bring their ideas to life. We are looking for more partners to bring ZimaBoard to people across the globe who need it. If you would like to discuss reselling/distribution/branding opportunities, much appreciated if you can drop an email: [email protected].

We are also planning a bunch of ZimaBoard related community events, so if you have ideas, feel free to discuss them in our Discord channel!

Hong Kong COVID Spike

Due to the large COVID spike in Hong Kong, authorities required all its residents to get tested and imposed new restrictions for businesses, which also affected our logistics partner and warehouse.

Due to the surge in the number of omicrons in Hong Kong and the intensified efforts to prevent and control the epidemic, the route we used to be able to exit China customs in one day has now been extended to three days, and the entire timeline has become somehow uncontrollable. We are actively seeking relevant solutions.

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