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Kickstarter fulfillment is done! Check out these amazing co-creation projects!

Hi, Dear friends!

After more than a year of chip shortage, COVID control, and unpredictable lockdowns, we have finally completed the Kickstarter fulfillment.

The process is difficult and full of twists and turns, but every problem solved makes every one of us, including all backers, feel empowered. What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger.

Here I’d like to summarize the communication and information in the IceWhale Discord server since the last update.

  • The first batch of community co-creation projects exceeded expectations
  • Kickstarter fulfillment is done
  • The new app center and UI that you can’t miss
  • Our journey has just begun

The first batch of community projects exceeded expectations

At IceWhale, we gave the traditional business-customer relationship a second thought. We hope to build a playground with everyone who gets interested in server/home cloud stuff. Hence IceWhale’s Discord server and GitHub communities are always inclusive and open. Only in such an environment, do we explore together, inspire each other, and spark a lot of creative ideas. Come and check out these!

Creativity has gone three-dimensional with unbounded imagination

As more and more folks got their ZimaBoard, we began to see a lot of ideas emerging in the community. Wall mount backplanes, VESA backplanes, PCIe accessory mounting backplanes, modular rack kits, and so many more. 

Have a look at these!

You can also find more in the #zimaboard-makes channel on the IceWhale Discord server!

Quick access:

Explore more ways to play with accessories

Many pioneering folks continue to explore ways of playing ZimaBoard and turns out they also found a variety of interesting accessories.

Get inspired by how everyone is doing!

We are also reviewing all kinds of accessories that are convenient for everyone to use in personal projects. After serious evaluation and tests, they will hit the shelves soon.

If you have any ideas, please let us know. We will provide support within our capacity.

Quick access:

The CasaOS Alpha Team is assembling!

As the complexity of CasaOS code increases, code quality control is becoming more and more difficult.

Discord community moderator @zarev and CasaOS dev team member @link have started the #casaos-alpha channel as we take more steps in the development process to strengthen code quality control. Volunteers from the Alpha Team will participate in the alpha version testing in advance before the new version is released to further improve the quality of the code.

If you are interested in participating in alpha testing and getting early access to new improvements, apply to @zarev or @JohnGuan on Discord to join the Alpha Team.

Quick access:

Finally, Kickstarter fulfillment is done!

Over the past year-plus, everyone in the ZimaBoard team has experienced what may have been the most unforgettable macro-environment and industry upheaval in our careers. The scene of the instant shutdown of a 30 million population city caused by the epidemic was not only in sci-fi movies. In today’s booming industry and technology development, we are facing a shortage of chips. It’s all like we’ve launched the same game but it’s set to “Hell“ difficulty by default.

However, we finally nailed it. This process is inseparable from everyone’s trust, patience, and support! Without your support, we would not have been able to do it at all.

How to track your package?

You can find the tracking number in your email and track your package at the following URL:

If your package is having problems during transit, please email [email protected] cc [email protected]

We will help you solve the problem as soon as possible!

Haven’t received the shipping info yet?

If you haven’t received the shipment info, it’s most likely due to the following issues:

  • The area is affected by war or natural disasters that we cannot send to.
  • Failed to submit the delivery address and pay the shipping fee due to issues such as missed mail or the use of an AppleID email.

Please email [email protected] cc [email protected]

We will discuss the solution with you and do our best to help you solve the problem!

Shopify pre-orders are starting shipping

Many of our friends who came to know us after Kickstarter, pre-ordered through We are fully following the planned progress of the supply chain and manufacturing partner. Orders currently in stores are expected to be shipped within one to two months.

The new app center and UI that you can’t miss

CasaOS is an important part of the home cloud experience we hope to create. Although it is still in the early stages of development, the team has put a lot of passion and energy into it and is constantly improving and enhancing its experience.

CasaOS has come to v0.3.2

While we are working to deliver more functions, we are also listening carefully to your feedback, and continuously optimizing basics such as file management and Docker application management.

Update details:

v0.3.3 is on the way

In the upcoming v0.3.3, we have made a lot of functional, customizable, and visual design adjustments to the WebUI according to everyone’s comments in the Ideas Discussion.

By the way, I would like to introduce our new UI/UX design buddy Austin, who completed the UI design of this update. In the future, he will continue participating in the UI/UX design of CasaOS.

Our journey has just begun.

Here at IceWhale, we want to democratize cloud computing for every family in the world. The road is tortuous but with you guys, we believe the encounter promises a bright future.

Sincere thanks to all the backers, thank you for your support and trust!

Although the crowdfunding has ended, we will bring you more surprises. Stay tuned!