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Mass Production on Track, CasaOS in Quick Iteration

As mentioned in Update #14, we have completed the stocking of critical materials from September to October. Our focus from October to November has moved onto trivial production and management such as assembly, patch production, and product control.

In this update, we’ll share team progress mainly on the following aspects:

  1. Mold opening, certification, and mass production preparations: mass production is expected to be completed from December to January. Shipping will hence start.
  2. CasaOS gains mobile compatibility and is in the 11th version.
  3. Follow-up plan

ZimaBoard Mass Production is in Progress, and Shipping Starts from the End of December to the End of January

Check out the protective plate. The latest mass production version of the protective plate is absolutely dope.

Aside from the poor image quality due to the factory snapshot, I believe it’s pretty evident that this version is much better. Before this version of proofing, we went through six design adjustments on the following details:

  1. Mechanical structure adjustments to perfectly match ZimaBoard and the motherboard design.
  2. Printing process adjustments to get clean characters and correct colors.
  3. Design adjustments to suit the power indicator. Check it out after receiving it.

Then the die casting. The entire die casting has gone through three iterations of T0-T2. The surface results of the T0 process are rough, and it seems impossible to meet the team’s requirements. We then held several emergency meetings with the factory and corrected the mold and surface treatment processes for more than three weeks. The problem has now been solved, but the silkscreen part needs to be optimized to produce better character effects and correct color. We will keep you noticed once we’ve received the finished product.

We have ordered and started production of product packaging after three weeks of proofing and sampling. The final packaging design is as follows.

We’ve been covering the preparation of all production materials, manufacture docking, mass procurement, and certification-related work for the remaining tasks. Again, I won’t repeat it, and it’s the details involved in the standard mass-production process. It indeed takes some time, but unlike chip supply shortage, problems during this process can be fixed. According to the plan, the team will start the first production batch in December and ramp up production from December to January. We are working hard to deliver mass production version ZimaBoard to backers across the globe successively. đŸ˜‰

CasaOS Gains Mobile Compatibility and is the 11th Release

First of all, great thanks to everyone who joined our Discord server for comments, ideas, and knowledge sharing. In the past month and a half, CasaOS has upgraded from v0.1.0 to v0.1.11. The team has a more explicit value proposition and function definition for this fully open-source Home Cloud OS based on Apache 2.0.

Current core functions are:

  • Newly added one-click installation of Apps to reduce Docker configuration complexity and enhance user-friendliness.
  • Mobile compatibility for daily, multi-device household use.
  • Optimized compatibility test with Ubuntu, Debian, Raspberry Pi OS Bullseye, and other systems.
  • Add CPU and Disk widgetsTerminal & Logs utilities.

New features also include one-click local data synchronization (integrated with Syncthing), login optimization, and detailed bug fixes.

Follow-up Plan

We are well aware that solid mass production and quality control, in-depth communication on the open-source Home Cloud, continue to iterate CasaOS are the three pillars of our current business. We will strive to make the world’s best open-source home cloud product line and build an active open-source home cloud community.

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