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Our recent work on ZimaBoard/CasaOS; Grab $1000 worth of NICs for FREE!

Dear friends!

Some time has passed, so let me show you our news!

  • Check out our latest work!
  • Focused on optimizing storage features – CasaOS v0.3.7 has been released!
  • Grab $1000 worth of NICs for FREE! Apply now!

Check out our latest work!

As mentioned in the last update, we haven’t stopped for the past while. Tested different OS compatibility, tested quite a few new accessories, and developed new Docs.

One-click to deploy apps to multiple ZimaBoards, BalenaOS runs easily

BalenaOS, A operating system tailored for containers. We have made a simple attempt to use BalenaOS on ZimaBoard. With BalenaOS, it is easy to deploy and update apps for large scale deployment on multiple ZimaBoards.

As an example, in the picture below, we deployed Gitea on ZimaBoard and finished the service update in a few minutes. Very cool!

We also tried running Qubes OS on the ZimaBoard. although we confirmed that the hardware requirements for Qubes OS were met, we were unable to get Qubes OS to run properly on the ZimaBoard after several attempts.

If you know how to get Qubes OS to work properly, or have tried other interesting OSes, feel free to share them with us on Discord!

Some new NICs are now available at the ZimaBoard Shop. Check them out!

We have seen people in the community trying out various network applications and have tried many different NICs. the dual NICs from ZimaBoard are not even enough anymore.

We have searched many vendors and purchased many samples over the past period of time. And conducted tests. Finally, we selected the NICs that are on the shelf this time.

They have different number of network ports (1/2/4 Port), rates (1G/2.5G/10G) and chip vendors (Realtek/Intel/Marvell). Capable of easily meeting the different needs of gateways, pfSense firewalls, OpenWrt routers, streaming or online video clips, there’s sure to be one for you!

Currently, ZimaBoard Shop has the following PCIe Ethernet cards available for you to choose from.

  • PCIe to Dual Port GbE – Realtek RTL8111 (New!)
  • PCIe to 4-Port GbE – Realtek RTL8111 (New!)
  • PCIe to 2.5GbE – Realtek RTL8125
  • PCIe to 4-Port 2.5GbE – Intel I225 (New!)
  • PCIe to 10GbE – Marvell Aquantia AQC107 (New!)

The price is pretty nice, you should take a look!

Learn more:

The new ZimaBoard Docs is here with a dozen new tutorials!

Thanks to the efforts of @llwaini#4897, a brand new ZimaBoard Docs is now available online. It now includes six main sections: Getting Started, Operating Systems, Entertainment Hub, Hardware Expansion, Server Playground, and Troubleshooting.

The new Tutorials include installation and usage tutorials for OpenWrt, OpenMediaVault and other systems. We also tried DIY 5-Bay NAS and building a Minecraft server (@llwaini#4897 took his younger brother to play for two months), which also became part of the tutorials.

The new docs are just beginning and will continue to improve the tutorials based on your experience and needs. For example, the current mainstream application tutorials, build more specific use scenarios of the service, etc.

If you have any good ideas or want to participate in the tutorials, Feel free to share with us on Discord!

Learn more:

Focus on optimizing storage features – CasaOS v0.3.7 is released!

During this past period, we updated both v0.3.6 and v0.3.7.

Here are the main new features.

  • [System] Added power and temperature info to performance widget (Intel)
  • [Apps] Custom links can be added to Apps section
  • [Storage] Disk merge (Beta), you can merge multiple disks into a single storage space (currently you need to enable this feature from the command line)

In addition, we have also optimized and fixed a lot of issues and bugs related to file and storage management.

Learn more:

Grab $1000 worth of NICs for FREE! Apply now!

We have prepared a batch of new Network Adapters for community members to review. 

After the review, you can keep the product as you like.

What do I need to do?

  • Test and experience it the way you like
  • Write a tutorial/guide on how to use the product with ZimaBoard 
  • Tell us your review of the product

How do I apply?

Just complete this survey here:

We will confirm your final qualification for the review based on the content of your presentation and the order of submission.

How much time do I have?

Apply deadline: November 8, 2022

Review time: 30 days after receiving the product

Remember to visit our Discord community more often! Stay up to date and join us in painting the ideal Home Cloud!