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Quick Update: Shipping schedule affected due to Shenzhen outbreak

Due to the outbreak in Shenzhen and Hong Kong, our shipping schedule has been disrupted. Earlier @GJChester asked about how shipping is currently being affected. I responded in Discord.

But the information is refreshing fast, and there are some friends who are not in Discord, so I’m here to sort you out about shipping schedule delays, shipping information issues, other news in Discord, and other information.

  • Previous March 15 shipment schedule was delayed due to the outbreak in Shenzhen
  • About the stalled shipping information
  • CasaOS’ file manager “Files” has been released!

Previous March 15 shipment schedule was delayed due to the outbreak in Shenzhen

At the moment as you know, Shenzhen has all home offices and completely stopped production activities, even all public transportation has been stopped. So due to local policy restrictions, ZimaBoard’s production and shipping is currently suspended. According to the information we received, there is hope that the lockdown may end by the end of the month, pending an official announcement from the local government.

Also, due to the outbreak in Hong Kong, there is still a shortage of local shipping capacity. We are actively communicating with our suppliers about the expected recovery time, and I will keep you informed once we have new information.

About the stalled shipping information

Some of you received the shipping information at the end of February, but it is still stuck at “Parcel information received”.

This is due to the local capacity shortage caused by the outbreak in Hong Kong. We have encountered land transportation shutdown, ship transportation unable to dock, no driver after docking, and finally arranged for a driver.

We have successfully delivered a batch of late February shipments to the shipping warehouse in Hong Kong yesterday, and you should already be receiving updates on the status of the logistics information. Please wait a little longer if you don’t receive the information.

CasaOS’ file manager “Files” has been released!

Our new file manager “Files” is now available, so upgrade and try it out!

Here are some screenshots and some key features:

  • File management and copy path
  • Image View
  • Video Playback
  • Code Editor

How to update?

Click “Settings” in the upper left corner of CasaOS web UI to update.

How to install CasaOS?

Refer to this link:

You can also try it at

The password is casaos.

There may be some bugs, so feel free to discuss them in Discord!

The recent switch of the mailbox service provider. There is a small chance that may have caused a very small part of emails to be lost. If you send us an email and do not receive the expected response, just send it again for confirmation.

If you have problems checking your shipping information or other things, please feel free to contact me at [email protected] (For questions related to shipping, please also cc [email protected])

The team members are now temporarily working from home due to the impact of the outbreak in Shanghai and hope to return to the office soon. In the meantime, we are also maintaining communication with our factories and other suppliers. The software team is also continuing to collaborate on new features for CasaOS.