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Stretch Goal and 3d Model

Hi Backers,

Since our product has been online for a week, we’ve gained more support than expected. We hope to give you more information about our product so we found Sketchfab.

Sketchfab is an amazing 3D model sharing platform, and it has good embedded support for KickStarter. The design and product team has optimized the whole machine model of ZimaBoard and uploaded it on Sketchfab.

It might be a little late to publish a stretch goal, but here we are.

Even the products just for players, it should be available to use immediately (avoiding Apple’s shortcomings). In addition to the power of 12v3a in the specification, in order to facilitate the use of users everywhere, the adapter will also be compatible with the plug standards of different regions.

In the meantime, our product N3450 Model, priced between 216-832 may be a good price performance choice, when our crowdfunding amount reaches $300,000, we will unlock this model. If you like our design approach, please recommend ZimaBoard to your friends via email.

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