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The First Batch of ZimaBoard Shipped, CasaOS Storage Manager Released

Hello! Dear friends!

It’s time to catch up again. Despite the challenges in the shipping process, the first batch of ZimaBoard has been shipped as planned! What’s more, we’ve got an update on CasaOS with the new Storage Manager, and the File Manager is coming soon.

In this update, we’ll cover the following topics:

  1. ZimaBoard First Batch Shipping Completed
  2. CasaOS Storage Manager and File Manager
  3. Follow Up Plans

ZimaBoard First Batch Shipping Completed

Over the past few weeks, the entire team has worked extensively to ensure the first shipments went out promptly, from order information collation to the factory, the warehouse, and the logistics provider. We built up the entire shipping chain and were careful at each point to handle and respond to any issues that might arise. We’ve successfully cooperated with all 3rd party providers and completed the first shipment before the Chinese New Year.

FREE Upgrading from AX200 to AX210

As previously listed in add-ons, we’ve provided an AX200 WiFi expansion card in our accessories list, which many of you have chosen.

Due to Intel’s product line upgrade this year, the AX200 has begun to be in short supply. Many suppliers cannot guarantee the delivery of AX200 for many reasons. But AX210, as a new replacement product, does not come with any of these problems.

Despite the fact that BOM price might go higher for accessories, we decided to give all orders with AX200 free upgrade to AX210 to ensure that we can ship to you as soon as possible.

First Shipment of 250+ Customer Orders

We’ve split the mass production into two batches to decrease the manufacturing risk for the entire Kickstarter batch production. So far, we have shipped 250+ customer orders, which makes up 14% of all orders. Meanwhile, we’ve also conducted almost the highest inspection and testing standards on the first batch for quality purposes.

Since the Chinese New Year (Lunar New Year) starts on February 1st 2022, most factories, suppliers, warehouses, and logistics providers began to go on vacation from mid-January. The overall labor also began to show shortage gradually. At the same time, there were frequent local covid outbreaks in Shenzhen. The good thing is that we had a plan for all these situations, and we’ve coordinated partner resources and their management in advance. Finally, the first batch of products went out in time before the Chinese New Year.

Logistics Information Tracking

When your package is shipped, we will send shipping information to your email address via PledgeBox’s notification system. It will contain the name of the logistics provider and the tracking code.

If you encounter any problems in tracking or receiving, feel free to contact me at [email protected]. I will come back to your problem as soon as possible. In case you may not get a prompt reply during the Chinese New Year holiday, please cc [email protected] in the email.

CasaOS Storage Manager Released and File Manager Coming Soon

CasaOS has been updated to 0.2.8. Let me give you a quick tour of the recent updates and the cool stuff coming soon.

CasaOS Is Now Available in 7 Languages!

The number of languages maintained by the CasaOS team and contributors now goes to 7!

The CasaOS Team maintains English and Simplified Chinese, and community contributors have contributed German, Spanish, French, Italian, and Russian support for CasaOS. Thumbs up for all your help and support!

Translation errors are inevitable. Should you find any improper translation or possible improvement, feel free to shout out on Discord or report on GitHub.

We’ll work with contributors to maintain and update it in subsequent releases!

CasaOS Storage Manager Released

Well, the storage manager you’ve all been waiting for has finally arrived!

With Storage Manager, you can turn your installed drives into storage space for CasaOS!

You can access the Storage Manager through the Storage Widget and create storage.

USB storage is currently identified and mounted separately and automatically, and this part will continue to be updated.

If you encounter any problem or bug, don’t hesitate to give feedback on Discord or GitHub!

File manager is on its way

Of course, a storage manager is not enough.

Next, we will develop CasaOS file manager, Which allows you to manage all files in storage directly in CasaOS.

The design is below, let’s see what it looks like.

Follow Up Plans

Optimizing Quality Control Process and Mass Production Efficiency of ZimaBoard

Based on the first mass production batch and strict factory quality control, we have compiled a few notes on assembly production and quality control issues. Next month, we will come back to review and determine the specific optimization plan for assembly process issues and production efficiency. The core objective is to improve the quality control process and mass production efficiency of ZimaBoard.

Flooring the Pedal on Second Batch Production & Assembly

After the holiday, factories, warehouses, and other suppliers will resume work fast. We will start the second batch of mass production and assembly immediately after.

In consultation with the factory, our current schedule is to finish the assembly and delivery of all ZimaBoard Kickstarter batches by March 15th.

Lots of time will be spent on aging tests of all finished products. For the first batch, the team has requested the factory perform longer aging tests on all products coming out of the factory aside from the regular functional QC tests. Indeed, aging tests on all products would significantly increase our production costs and lead times. But it was worth it for the improvement in product quality control.

CasaOS Continues to Update and Evolve

Our software team will continue to iterate CasaOS with the community, and this is an ongoing topic. We will continue discussing and getting creative with the Discord and GitHub community.

One More Thing

This January, the whole team has been working almost overloaded to complete the order information, supplier communication, production, warehousing, logistics, and import/export materials. On today’s Chinese New Year’s Eve, we finally have some meaningful time to spend with families.

Thanks to all teammates for their efforts!

Thanks to all backers for your patience and support!

On the eve of Chinese New Year, it is a time to reunite with family and look forward to a beautiful new year despite all turbulences.

With the traditional Chinese New Year wishes, I would like to wish all the backers and people who support us!

身體健康! 萬事如意!

Good health and Great Fortune in 2022!